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Rahul Dev manages the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Patent Practice at Tech Corp Law Group. He is a Patent attorney and intellectual property lawyer with 11+ years of experience in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Drug Patent Search and Chemicals in international markets (US, Europe, Asia Pacific and MENA region).

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How to get medicine drug patent in India?

How to get medicine drug patent in India? Law Office of Rahul Dev provides freedom to operate FTO strategy for medicinal drugs to patent attorneys worldwide

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Trademark objection reply in India

TM Objection Reply: Trademark applicants & their trademark agents should include the following details while mailing at and and send the hard copy to the concerned office of Trade Marks Registry

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US-based Intellectual Property Owners’ Association delegation will be meeting the Indian intellectual property office (IPO) officials

It would be interesting to note the outcome of the meetings. However, it would be interesting to note whether the US pharma lobby will be able to influence the way India's patent offices and judiciary interpret India's patent law. meeting with the patent officials will provide the Intellectual Property Owners' Association (IPOA) members better overview on how to draft the pharmaceutical patent applications to be filed in India. The pharma and medicine based innovations should include data related to therapeutic efficacy to obviate section 3d of the Indian Patent Act. However, it is surprising to note that the Intellectual Property Owners' Association (IPOA) members are being allowed to meet the judiciary. In a recent case the Supreme Court seriously viewed the allegation of 2G scam accused and coal scam accused meeting the CBI director Ranjit Sinha.

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Pharma Patents vs Healthcare| Pharmaceutical Patenting in India

Practically in India if a "X" company patented invention is not available at an affordable price to the public at large after two years from the grant date, section 85 of the Indian Patent Act can be invoked to grant compulsory licence. Therefore, the onus to avoid revocation in India is with the patent assignee to develop methodology to keep the price of medicines cost effective and make it available to the general public.

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Probiotics Patent trends in Food Tech Sector in India

International Patent Classification (IPC), Before filing for patent, the patent applicants should ascertain, that the subject matter in respect of which a patent is sought, does not fall under section 3 of the Indian Patent Act. A23C: DAIRY PRODUCTS, e.g. MILK, BUTTER, CHEESE; MILK OR CHEESE SUBSTITUTES; MAKING THEREOF (obtaining protein compositions for foodstuffs A23J 1/00; preparation of peptides, e.g. of proteins, in general C07K 1/00)

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Healthcare IT Industry Trends- 2014 | Wearable & Fitness Tech Trends| Software Technology

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Business Strategy 101 for Business Owners, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Startups

Business Strategy 101 for Business Owners, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Startups. Session on legal aspects of Startups: Legal Do’s and Don’ts of startups, the right legal business structure,Intellectual Property (IP), the legal aspects of brand names, branding strategy & trademarks, company incorporation etc