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Getting Software Patents in India

Grant of Software Patents in India is possible. Patents filed for innovations relating to computer programs, software and mobile applications protect the novel and inventive features of such innovations from being copied by the competitors. Software Patents in India is granted for an embedded software in a mobile application, and/or software plus hardware combination.

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Software Patentability

Conduct a patentability search of the prior art available in the public domain is advisable before filing the software patent application. The software patent strategy includes the steps of reviewing non-patent literature documents like journal, newspaper articles,  magazine articles, books, conference materials, brochures, and research reports.

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Drug Patent Search – Chemical Patent Attorney

Rahul Dev manages the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Patent Practice at Tech Corp Law Group. He is a Patent attorney and intellectual property lawyer with 11+ years of experience in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Drug Patent Search and Chemicals in international markets (US, Europe, Asia Pacific and MENA region).

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How to get medicine drug patent in India?

How to get medicine drug patent in India? Law Office of Rahul Dev provides freedom to operate FTO strategy for medicinal drugs to patent attorneys worldwide