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Software Patentability

Conduct a patentability search of the prior art available in the public domain is advisable before filing the software patent application. The software patent strategy includes the steps of reviewing non-patent literature documents like journal, newspaper articles,  magazine articles, books, conference materials, brochures, and research reports.

Business Idea | Patent · patent research · prior art

Is Freedom to Operate Search Important for my product?

Intellectual Property (IP), Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is an assessment of whether you infringe the patented technology (Intellectual property) of another inventor and/or company. Freedom to Operate, patent infringement, prior art, patent research, patents and trademarks, intellectual property research, licensing intellectual property, patenting, patented, product patent, inventions patents, patent trademark, patent search, patent searching, patent database search, patent search service, patent pending search, patent application search