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AI Patent Landscape – Patent Analysis and FAQs

AI patent landscape shows a growth in AI patents, ML patents and patents for digital inventions.

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Using Patent Opposition Process for Patent Invalidation

Patent invalidation in India is possible by initiating pre-grant patent opposition or post-grant patent opposition.

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Indian Patent Office Update – Deadlines and Time Period

Indian Patent Office has published a notice on June 19, 2020 stating that all deadlines stand suspended.

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Software Patent Example – Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) Data Transmission

Patent registration process in India for software and mobile applications is visible from review of granted patents.

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Google Patent Case Study

Refusal of software patent by Indian Patent Office for a patent filed by Google claiming wearable device.

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Corporate Law Practice in India

Corporate and Commercial Laws Foreign investments in India for setting up new businesses are increasing every year and apt legal consultation is required for incorporating new business entity in India. Once incorporated, with a view to ensure strict corporate compliance, various legal services are required in the form of legal consultations, corporate secretarial services, regulatory… Continue reading Corporate Law Practice in India


Software Development Agreements

A software development agreement (Software Development Agreement) is a contract where one party (Developer) agrees to develop a software application for another party (Client). Many businesses we work with undertake software development projects – both for the products or services they sell and for their internal operations.


Advertising Agreements

Advertising agreements are typically made between the person or company where the advertising will be hosted, and the person or company that is going to be placing the ad. For example, the agreement could be between a blogger and a company running ads on the blog, or between a billboard company and a company wanting… Continue reading Advertising Agreements