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Healthcare IT Industry Trends- 2014 | Wearable & Fitness Tech Trends| Software Technology

Wearable & Fitness Tech Trends|Healthcare IT Industry Trends- 2014| Software Technology

Health and Fitness Tracking Devices – Trends 2014 | Top Players: Apple, Nike, Fujitsu. Headphones with Integrated Activity, Apple Patents, Wearables, Inventions and Patents Rahul Dev, Advocate, Patent Attorney, Trademark Lawyer, India

Patent Filing Trends: 

With an advent increase in the usage of devices (like smartphones), no. of patents filed has increased in past 4-5 years. A recent drop may be seen due to recently filed patents, which have not been published yet. 
Patent Trends – Most Relevant Patent Classifications 
The analysis revealed that some of the most active patent classes (US Class or USPC) are: 
600/300 – Diagnostic Testing 
600/509 – Detecting Heartbeat Electric Signals 
600/508 – Evaluating Heart Condition 
340/572.1 – Communication – Detectable device on protected article (e.g., “tag”) 
607/36 – Electrical Application – Feature of stimulator housing or encapsulation 

Remaining class details may be seen at US Patent office website (USPTO –

Health & Fitness Tracking – Expectations in 2014 
Multiple health and fitness tracking devices are expected to be launched soon. Here’s a brief review of two latest devices, along with corresponding patents. 

Basis Health Tracker 
Health tracking device by Basis Science Inc is aimed at targeting the measurement of movement user’s body makes throughout the day and subsequently tracks the habits of such movement. As a differentiator, Basis’s health tracker accounts for actual heart rate, skin temperature and perspiration into its data. By using the body’s actual chemistry, the device is able to provide an accurate and comprehensive fitness trackers for recording calories burned, intensity of movement and useful patterns in the user’s habits. 

The device can be easily perceived as a wristwatch with an elegant black square face, black or white plastic straps and a trans-reflective LCD display. The user is required to wear the health and fitness tracker and it does all the work and the device is smart enough to determine a transition from one activity to another, and it syncs this information to the smartphone 

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