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How to Patent an Idea Internationally?

Filing of PCT national phase application in India can be done within 31 months deadline from the priority date.

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Probiotics Patent trends in Food Tech Sector in India

International Patent Classification (IPC), Before filing for patent, the patent applicants should ascertain, that the subject matter in respect of which a patent is sought, does not fall under section 3 of the Indian Patent Act. A23C: DAIRY PRODUCTS, e.g. MILK, BUTTER, CHEESE; MILK OR CHEESE SUBSTITUTES; MAKING THEREOF (obtaining protein compositions for foodstuffs A23J 1/00; preparation of peptides, e.g. of proteins, in general C07K 1/00)

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India’s Patent Ecosystem: Encouraging Strong Patent Innovation

Patent Prosecution Process in India: The overall process of patent prosecution in India is a bit complicated due to multiple compliances and deadlines to follow by the patent applicants. Understanding why a research needs patent protection in a particular country, what all processes and drug products can be patented or how to build a strong portfolio of patents is very vital for success of any biotech ventures.