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Steps in process of pursuing patent in marketing management

Why to file patent to protect new marketing management tool?

Patent in marketing management can be filed for the system embodying the new features.

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Get Patent for New Products in 5 steps:

What steps to apply to get a patent for innovative idea in marketing management domain?

The five step process can simplify the procedure to apply patent and protecting your invention from being copied

  1. Understand your Idea. Ask yourself WHAT problem your invention is solving. The first step in how to get a patent is to pen down your thoughts and features / elements of your INVENTION to work.

  2. The second step in how to get a patent is to research your invention. Conduct your own personal market research. Google your idea online :)

  3. The third step in how to get a patent is to select the type of  patent protection (design patent, utility, non-provisional, provisional patent).

  4. The most important step is to write the patent claims. The scope of the INVENTION is defined by the patent claims.

  5. Wait for patent examiner response who will question the patentability of  INVENTION in terms novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Patents

Patent Question of the day

Can I file otp verification patent in marketing management sector?

Well, it depends on many factors. OTP FEATURE is just one element of the whole system. You should write down the other features of the idea.  Draw a flow diagram of the process to understand the CRUX of the invention. Do a patentability search online. Talk to patent lawyer to have in-depth analysis.

If you have any patent related questions fill in the contact form below for more clarity. Happy patenting :)