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Patent Registration Procedure in India|How to apply for patent rights in India

Patent Filing for Foreign Applicants / Companies in India under Convention Treaty or PCT National Phase

Foreign Applicants and Companies can file a patent in India by hiring the patent filing services of registered patent attorneys in India. We at Tech Corp Legal LLP are a registered intellectual property consultancy firm based in New Delhi, India which provides patent specification drafting and patent filing and patent prosecution services at cost-effective quote. Our registered patent attorneys can also assist you with worldwide patent searching and perform patent clearance searches in India and other jurisdictions.


Our patent attorneys in India are Techno-legal Professionals who can help file and prosecute your patent inventions before the Indian Patent Office.

Our Flagship Patent Services:

  • Conducting Comprehensive Patent searches for determining novelty of the invention
  • Conducting Comprehensive Patent searches for determining prior art of the invention
  • Conducting Comprehensive Patent searches for determining validity of the invention
  • Conducting Comprehensive Patent searches for determining infringement of the granted patent
  • Preparing of patent specifications and patent applications for filing at foreign patent offices through our trusted foreign associates

  • Providing

    Patentability, Patent Validity and infringement opinion

  • Patent Registration services in India

  • Preparing Provisional  Patent Applications to be filed before Indian Patent Office
  • Preparing Complete Patent Specifications to be filed before Indian Patent Office
  • Filing of PCT Patent applications
  • Prosecution of Patent applications before the Indian Patent Office
  • Filing International Patent Applications before WIPO

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