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Are software inventions patentable in India?

The Indian patent office defines software inventions under the category of Computer Related Inventions, one or more features of which are embodied wholly or partially by means of a computer program(s). Such inventions have been described in the guidelines published by the patent office for examination of computer related inventions, or CRIs.

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Patent Term Extensions and Supplementary Protection Certificate for Pharma Patents

Pharmaceutical companies employ patent extension strategies to compensate for their R&D investments and regulatory approval costs of new drugs. Broadly, three major extensions and protections exist, namely, Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs), Patent Term Extensions (PTEs), and Regulatory Data Protection (RDP).

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WHY PATENTS ARE IMPORTANT FOR DEVELOPMENT?| Understanding International Patent Classification (IPC)|World Intellectual Property Organization

The Importance of Patents - Patent Law Information| Understanding International Patent Classification (IPC)|World Intellectual Property Organization|WHY PATENT ARE IMPORTANT FOR DEVELOPMENT?| What is Patent Law

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Intellectual Property Services, Patent Searches, Patent Preparation, Patent Prosecution & Patent Litigation Support, Patent Illustrations, Patent Translation, Brand Enforcement, Trademark Watch, Design Searches, Trademark Searches & Paralegal Support, Trademark Research & Brand Protection| Protect & Earn value of your brands for your customers| What is a TM? What is a brand? Registering company names| Different types of trade marks| Trademark Class 1 for Chemical Products

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Changes in Share Capital in Accordance with The Companies Act, 2013

Main Changes in Company’s Share Capital | Shares at a Discount | Preference Shares for More Than 20 years | Private Placement, Bonus Shares and GDRs | Alteration of Share Capital | Consolidation and Division of Shares

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Cancer Patent Technologies Granted in India: #WorldCancerDay

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Genetically Engineered Crop Patents – Economic Times Publication – “Monsanto’s Climate Resilient Crop Patent Rejection by IPAB”

Original Source of Article: Recently, our views were published in The Economic Times regarding Monsanto's patent rejection order passed by Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). A copy of order may be seen here: Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Chennai - Orders - Monsanto  A copy of Monsanto's International Patent publication titled "Methods for enhancing stress tolerance in… Continue reading Genetically Engineered Crop Patents – Economic Times Publication – “Monsanto’s Climate Resilient Crop Patent Rejection by IPAB”

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Patent Registration Procedure in India|How to apply for patent rights in India

Patent Filing for Foreign Applicants / Companies in India under Convention Treaty or PCT National Phase Foreign Applicants and Companies can file a patent in India by hiring the patent filing services of registered patent attorneys in India. We at Tech Corp Legal LLP are a registered intellectual property consultancy firm based in New Delhi, India which provides… Continue reading Patent Registration Procedure in India|How to apply for patent rights in India

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Compulsory Licensing of Bayer’s Patented Cancer Drug Sorafenib Granted to Natco Pharma in India

India Allows Compulsory Licensing of Bayer The decision is likely to open up the field for the generics industry or force innovative companies to make drugs more affordable. But will it also affect innovation? BioSpectrum explores the two sides of the story The globally watched case related to an Indian pharma company's request to the… Continue reading Compulsory Licensing of Bayer’s Patented Cancer Drug Sorafenib Granted to Natco Pharma in India

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Update for Professionals Interested in Indian Trademark Practice

Dear All, As you may know, on September 24th 2010, Controller General of Patents, Trademarks & Designs notified that over a period of 6 months, roughly from March 2010 to September 2010, about 56,429 registered trademarks have been notified in TM Journal as removed from the Register of Trade Marks due to non-payment of renewal… Continue reading Update for Professionals Interested in Indian Trademark Practice