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Patent Research Guide For Inventors

Patent due diligence refers to an audit to assess patents owned by, or licensed to, a company, business or individual.

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New European Patent Office (EPO) Fee Schedule Effective From April 1, 2012

As an experienced Patent Search Lawyer, Advocate Rahul Dev provides International Patent Searching as his flagship service. He provides the highest level of Patent & Non-Patent Literature searching in the industry.  If you are interested in filing a patent application, it is always advisable to first conduct a worldwide patent search to help make sure… Continue reading New European Patent Office (EPO) Fee Schedule Effective From April 1, 2012

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Why is Patent Search Required?

Prior art searches can have serious financial consequences as they can put into question a research programme or the commercialization of a new product or process. While one can adopt, in an initial phase, an amateurish approach, the complete analysis must be left to information specialists using professional tools.