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Intellectual Property Creation – Patents for Tech Startups

Intellectual Capital Investing in creation of intellectual capital during initial stages results in valuable intellectual property (IP). Such IP can be monetised by way of B2B licensing and technology transfer, thereby creating additional revenue streams. IP portfolio usually comprises patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and trade secrets, collectively contributing towards intellectual capital of the business. Read… Continue reading Intellectual Property Creation – Patents for Tech Startups

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Article Source: OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING The practice of engaging an external organization for performing in a country where the products or services are not developed or manufactured is termed as “Offshore Outsourcing”. The business is performed by a foreign country in a foreign country. Sending work overseas with higher wages reduces the country’s own domestic… Continue reading LAW FIRM IN INDIA: GUIDE TO OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING TO INDIA, POSSIBLE LEGAL ISSUES

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Buying or Selling a Website: Possible Legal Issues

These days, it is very common for people to make profits by exploiting the monetary benefits of buying and selling websites. However, during most of these transactions, there is a high chance of occurrence of numerous possible legal issues, as both the buyer and the seller of the website don’t have any thorough knowledge as… Continue reading Buying or Selling a Website: Possible Legal Issues

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Patents & Venture Capital Investments

It is very important for entrepreneurs’ startups and Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to know how patent applications and grants held by new ventures improve their ability to attract venture capital (VC) financing. Generally, investors are faced with significant ambiguity and hence they rely on patents as indicators for calculating the potential of companies. It… Continue reading Patents & Venture Capital Investments