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Latest Technology & Patent Trends: Regenerative Medicine

Article Source: Regenerative medicine is an upcoming technology field that may be capable of repairing and replacing damaged cells, tissues, and organs by using those that are specially grown. This technology has evolved by the combined efforts of scientists belonging to a diverse range of expertise, including, biology, genetics, physiology, nanotechnology, and pharmacology. Generally,… Continue reading Latest Technology & Patent Trends: Regenerative Medicine

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15 TED Talks on the Future of Medicine

Recently, we were contacted by Christine, who works with, and she informed us about recently published article, “15 TED Talks on the Future of Medicine”, which she thought clicks with tone of our site and the passions of our readers. So, the article has been reproduced hereinbelow: exists as one of the Internet’s… Continue reading 15 TED Talks on the Future of Medicine