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Backlog Clearance Drive

New Year Bonanza by the Indian Patent Office

Few months back, on 16.07.2010, Indian Patent Office informed the patent practitioners and the applicants to notify the patent office about the pending patent applications in which the First Office Action / First Examination Reports (FERs) have been generated on or before 30.06.2009, to which corresponding responses have also been filed, but were still pending for disposal.

Thereafter, the patent office received information for 3749 cases, which were pending for disposal, and for all such applications, office action is in progress. However, it is felt that all applicants / patent practitioners have not responded to the public notice.

Accordingly, patent office has decided to launch a backlog clearance drive, starting from December 2010 to March, 2011, to dispose off all such pending patent applications.

As per the official notification, the officials will work extra time, including holidays, to clear such backlog.

This is again very encouraging initiative by the patent office to clear the backlog effectively and quickly.

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