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Changes in Share Capital in Accordance with The Companies Act, 2013

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Backlog Clearance Drive

New Year Bonanza by the Indian Patent Office Few months back, on 16.07.2010, Indian Patent Office informed the patent practitioners and the applicants to notify the patent office about the pending patent applications in which the First Office Action / First Examination Reports (FERs) have been generated on or before 30.06.2009, to which corresponding responses… Continue reading Backlog Clearance Drive

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Issues faced by Patent Agents in India

Ever since I appeared for the patent agent examination, way back in 2006, I have experienced numerous situations, which made me realize that issues faced by a patent agent, in India, are not so rare. One of the major issues revolves around the use of terms, “Patent Agent”, and “Patent Attorney”, since the term “Patent… Continue reading Issues faced by Patent Agents in India