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Patent Infringement & Non-Infringement

“Infringement” is the unauthorized use of a patented invention. An infringement of a patent occurs when the exclusive rights of a patentee are violated. What constitutes an “infringement” has not been defined in the Patents Act.

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Is Freedom to Operate Search Important for my product?

Intellectual Property (IP), Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is an assessment of whether you infringe the patented technology (Intellectual property) of another inventor and/or company. Freedom to Operate, patent infringement, prior art, patent research, patents and trademarks, intellectual property research, licensing intellectual property, patenting, patented, product patent, inventions patents, patent trademark, patent search, patent searching, patent database search, patent search service, patent pending search, patent application search

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Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

Article Source: Patents in Malaysia are governed by Intellectual Property Cooperation of Malaysia (MyIPO). Industries, corporations and individual researchers (inventors) involved in R & D (research and development) in Malaysia regularly seek professional services of technically qualified industrial patent experts for supporting research and development activities, patent consultancy, technology transfer, patent strategy, franchising, patent… Continue reading Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

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Apple v. Samsung – Patent Wars

Whenever we buy or use a smartphone, many of us ignore the fact that lot of research worth millions of dollars has gone behind creating such a smart device, that too for a span of many years. The only legitimate way available to such technology corporations for protecting their research work is to file for… Continue reading Apple v. Samsung – Patent Wars