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Patent Drafting of IT Domain, Apps, Cloud Computing IoT ect.

Strong patent claim drafting skills can make the difference for a grant of software patent application by the patent examiner. However, writing a patent specification for information technology domain, software business app or mobile applications, cloud computing or IoT (Internet of Things), and subsequently drafting the required patent claims are highly technical in nature.

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Bump Technologies: Exchange Contact Information & Other Data

BUMP TECHNOLOGIES: EXCHANGE CONTACT INFO AND OTHER DATA WITH OTHER PEOPLE BY TAPPING YOUR PHONES TOGETHER In this post, Internet Lawyer and Mobile App (Software) Patent Attorney, Advocate Rahul Dev discusses about bump patent application.  Founded by David Lieb, Andy Huibers, and Jake Mintz, Bump lets you exchange contact info and other data with other people by tapping your… Continue reading Bump Technologies: Exchange Contact Information & Other Data