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Patent Attorney in India – Role of Patent Attorney in India – Patent Lawyer in India

Law Office of Advocate Rahul Dev is an International law firm headquartered in India (Gurgaon) specializing in business law & technology law, & assists clients with business arrangements, & in structuring technology transactions including: Intellectual Property Protection (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs), Formation of Companies, Technology Transfer, Business Acquisitions, Marketing of Proprietary Information, Competitive & Business Intelligence, Scientific & Financial Due Diligence, Business Governance, Distribution of Technology, Executive Negotiations, Licensing.

patent lawyer in india

Our diverse clientele includes businesses on the cutting edge of technology development, including inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, universities, research organisations, companies engaged in software development, bio-tech devices, construction materials, Internet mobile applications, digital technology, financial technology (FinTech), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, bitcoins, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, consumer goods, packaging innovations, game studios, healthcare & medical tech, education tech, real estate tech, augmented and virtual reality.

We serve global clients with our refined Patent & Claim Drafting Skills, by drafting Extensive USPTO patent applications, with significant expertise in Patent Searching, Patentability & Infringement Analysis.

As patent attorneys and patent lawyers, we provide comprehensive Patent Prosecution for Indian Patents & USPTO Office Actions, Patent Portfolio, Patent Litigation, Patent Infringement, Freedom-to-Operate, Office Actions Response, USPTO Patent appeal briefs, Patent Invalidation, Patent Opposition, Product-Claim Mapping, Patent Enforcement and Patent Strategy.

Patent Strategy includes Advanced & Defensive Filings, Cost Management for International & Domestic filings, Alignment with Business Strategy, Filings & Opposition Issues.

We also manage valuation of IP Portfolio, Corporate Due Diligence, Audits, Mergers & Acquisitions. While working with Investors & Startups, we provide services related to Funding, Contracts & Agreements, Legal Documents Drafting & Review.

We offer exclusive and premium service offerings through Law Office of Rahul Dev, an internet business law firm, which not only knows all the legal, technical as well as business insights related to a web based business, but is also an entrepreneurial business venture conceptualised and run by business lawyers and patent attorneys having in depth technical expertise and business exposure. We advise our clients in dealing with laws and regulations of agencies such as US Federal Trade Commission, Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission.

One behalf of our clients, as an internet business law firm, we not only litigate but have the required skill set to handle lawsuits along with our expertise to handle transactional law.

As “Internet Law” is one of our major practice areas, we deal with Internet law as the application of multiple traditional and conventional laws to the virtual world of the Internet in several distinct categories, including spam, wireless and online marketing related legal issues, litigation & regulatory compliance, anonymous internet fraud and unfair competition, online defamation, unauthorized access and hacking, data theft, cyber-trespassing, false advertising on internet and false claims, domain name disputes, cybersquatting, domain theft, intellectual property protection including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs etc., trademark infringement disputes, including infringement occurring in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine spam, email spam, and the like, internet copyright infringement, misappropriation of images, website related contracts and agreements, website terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, licensing and content distribution agreements, agreements related to cloud computing and mobile applications, buying or selling internet and web based ventures / assets, including websites, content, domain name portfolios and the like.

We also provide IP business services in the world of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Diagnostics, Cell Based Research, Cell and Gene Therapy, Food Technology, Peptides, Biological Manufacturing Chemical based technologies, Healthcare Management, Drug Approval, Life Sciences and related technical industries. 

Our services are provided to our clients across the globe to support their business decisions, which include intellectual property (specifically patents) based research projects, which are executed in quick turnaround times on a Flat fee basis by our team of patent attorneys and patent expert researchers. 

We function as an industry oriented, advisory and facilitation group providing services to corporations, researchers, start-up entities and educational institutions. We focus our services in the areas of concept incubation, patent protection, scientific & financial due diligence, competitive intelligence, freedom-to-operate analysis, technology commercialization, development & analysis of clinical data and the like. 
Technology Practice Areas: Agriculture | Forestry techniques | Alternative irrigation techniques | Pesticide Alternatives | Soil improvement | Nuclear Power Generation | Nuclear Engineering | Nuclear Fusion Reactors | Nuclear Fission Reactors | Nuclear power plant | Gas turbine Power Plants | Bio-fuels | Hydro Energy | Wind Energy | Solar Energy | Medical Devices | Biochemistry Biosciences | Production of Recombinant Proteins | Antibodies Production | Immunoassay kits | Life Sciences | Immunology | Medical Coating | Food Enzymes | Gene therapy

Presently retained by a US law firm as Associate & Indian Counsel. Responsibilities include patent searching, preparing U.S. patent applications, drafting arguments for USPTO office actions, handling Indian Patent and Trademark practice including industrial designs, PCT/WIPO matters involving the U.S. and India, performing patent infringement, validity, patentability, and freedom-to- operate searches and analyses.

Handling litigation matters in India, pre-litigation advisory, legal opinions, patent & trademark oppositions etc.

Litigation in the three levels of the judiciary through India, Courts Debt Recovery, cases of appeal, civil and criminal litigation, commercial arbitration, corporate law matters.
Illustrative Assignments include bail applications, review criminal matters written appeal.
Strong exposure to corporate restructuring, joint ventures, establishing business entities in India, the contracts and the drafting of documents / research background, joint ventures / partnerships, dissolution and liquidation, license agreement and firms due diligence, documentation for project financing, resolution of contract / commercial disputes, recovery issues, consumer disputes, arbitrations, the telecommunications laws and issues related to employment.
Actively participate in litigation and legal advice.
Drafting and negotiating contracts related to technology.
IT Adviser in relation to compliance issues, complex IT projects and outsourcing contracts, and any type of license, retail and advertising agreements (eg, software contracts, marketing agreements, conditions general).
Negotiation, implementation and coordination, the framework outlined and the drafting of regulation, policy and operational issues.
Promotion practice focuses on the intersection between intellectual property, regulation and competition issues, with the participation of cyber laws, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and technology industries.

We also handle Intellectual Property Licensing and Intellectual Property Litigation.