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7 iOS Developers Sued

7 iOS Developers sued by Lodsys despite Apple’s assertion that iOS developers are “undisputedly licensed” to Lodsys’ patent at issue.

It can be recalled that Lodsys initially sent letters to a number of iOS developers claiming that their use of in-app purchasing was infringing. Those initial letters expressed a desire to strike a licensing deal under the implied threat of a lawsuit. Following that, Apple sent a letter to Lodsys claiming that iOS developers are licensed for the patent at issue under Apple’s own license. Moreover, Apple demanded that Lodsys cease and desist its attempt to shake down iOS developers for patents that they are “undisputedly licensed” to.

But Lodsys doesn’t appear to be afraid of Apple’s legal weight in the slightest. A few days ago, Lodsys CEO Mark Small filed suit against 7 iOS developers and concurrently posted a series of blog posts addressing a number of issues. Some of the iOS developers served with papers include Iconfactory which puts out Twitterrific and Combay, Inc. which puts out Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem for the iPhone.

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