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A Big Google Problem: 37 Android Related Patent Disputes

The number of patent lawsuits related to the Android operating system is unprecedented. Never has an operating system had so many challenges to its intellectual property in such a short time period as the Google operating system has had in the last year.

This is not the end but the beginning of what we expect will be an even longer trail of lawsuits that relate to the Android operating system. The outcomes will be defining for Google and will test its strength as a technology giant. Barned & Noble’s involvement is just the latest twist.

But it is also in line with the complexities that Google and other technology companies face with their media counterparts over the future of such devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and the HTC line of smartphones that Apple is challenging. It’s a struggle for relevance in the mobile age. The fight for a place in the market will continue to boil up patent disputes but also plenty of copyright matters, too.

But the lawsuits will also do something else. They will test the courts and how it treats patent disputes that affect millions of people. In the meantime, we’ll see how many of these disputes settle before even getting to trial.

For more details: click here.

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