Legal Notices

A legal notice is a formal communication to a person or entity informing them that you intend to undertake legal proceedings against him/her. It is a step taken before filing a suit, and is meant to warn the other party that legal action may be taken against him/her, if they fail to comply with some specified condition.

Many a time, we do not know the legal importance and meaning of the words we normally use in a casual manner. Engaging a qualified lawyer helps while drafting a legal notice.

Extreme care is taken regarding the choice of words and language used, and the measures of caution about not admitting any fact that may later be denied to you in a court of law. Once a legal notice is dispatched, you cannot make any changes in it. Neither can you make any statement contradictory to what you have already stated in the notice, at a later period.

At Law Office of Rahul Dev, you will find all kinds of legal notices. Our legal personnel drafts the legal notice after studying the client’s case in which they clearly mention the reason for sending the notice, all previous communications regarding the cause of notice and to offer the addressee a reasonable time (say 15 or 30 or 60 days to settle the matter through negotiation and by performing the desired action).

Depending on the grievance, we, on behalf of the client while sending the notice, stress on the need for an action to be taken in the stipulated period of time to either fulfill the demand or seek a reply. Such a notice will then be showed to you before being sent out to the other party.

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