A trademark is the most valuable asset owned by a business. When a business is successful, others will imitate not only the ideas and market strategy, but very often they will also imitate the trademarks, product packaging, distinctive markings, etc. used by a successful company. Businesses with particularly successful products or services spend considerable amounts of time, effort and money creating, establishing and promoting their unique identities.

Owners who fail to pay sufficient attention towards the protection of their companies’ trademarks face a number risks, including the inability to register or use their own marks on a future date, the dilution of the market’s recognition of their products or services, and, in some cases end up spending huge resources in legal action to prevent unauthorized use or justify the use of their own property.

It is therefore pertinent that the trademarks be registered over all the goods and/or services over which the mark is used. The legislations which deal with the protection and registration of trademarks in India are The Trademark Act, 1999 and The Trademark Rules 2002. In India, trademark registration is valid for a period of ten years. The same may be renewed from time to time for additional periods of ten years each.

Law Office of Rahul Dev advises clients in brand selection, brand name availability, clearance searches and provide wide ranging services to secure protection and maintain their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans and packaging etc. Our services include:

  • Trademark Clearance Search

  • Trademark Classes

  • Trademark Applications

  • Madrid Protocol India

  • Trademark Filing and Fee

  • Trademark Examination

  • Trademark Prosecution

  • Trademark Opposition

  • Trademark Rectification

  • Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Renewal & Restoration

  • Honest Concurrent Use

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Trademark Passing Off

  • Trademark Licensing

  • Trademark Assignment & Transmission of Rights