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Tech-Corp Legal LLP, is a leading technology-focused commercial law firm that practices in the dynamic field of Corporate and Technology law in India. Organized as a limited liability partnership (LLP) under Indian law, Tech-Corp Legal, is a LLP of patent attorneys (agents), trademark attorneys, and lawyers registered with State Bar Councils in India and qualified to practice law throughout India. Our practice is centered on a diverse range of areas encompassing various spheres of science engineering, and technology.

We at Tech Corp Legal LLP provide intellectual property services which includes a broad range of domain sectors including life sciences, medical devices, biotechnology, electronic devices, agriculture, diagnostics, polymer science, drugs and drug delivery, genetics, food science, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, green technologies, chemistry, process engineering, physics, and communication.

Tech Corp Legal LLP is a full-service law firm in India uniquely positioned to provide strategic patent and intellectual property, corporate, contract reviewing and business advisory services. Located in the heart of capital of India, New Delhi and venture capital ecosystem, our techno-legal patent attorneys use their scientific, technical, business and legal expertise to help rising start-up companies, Entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies transform business model plans into industry leading enterprises.

Our team of intellectual property and patent attorneys are recognized industry experts in Patent Strategy & Technology Consulting. Our team of lawyers have assisted clients in formulating profitable and sustainable Patent & IP Strategy for international business.

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