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Corporate Business Company Advisory & Consultancy Service for Foreign Companies | Foreign Companies Doing Business in India | Corporate Lawyer for Fortune 1000 Global Companies

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Corporate Business Company Advisory & Consultancy Service for Foreign Companies | Foreign Companies Doing Business in India | Corporate Lawyer for Fortune 1000 Global Companies

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has prescribed Companies Act, 1956 which regulates Indian companies. It also keeps on updating the act from time to time. LLPs are regulated with rules and regulations provided under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Other business structures known in India are sole-proprietorship, and partnership firm which are very less popular among small business proprietors. One Person Company is the new concept introduced in the Companies Bill, 2013. It provides you to incorporate your own legal company without any second person as a member/shareholder. One Person Company is best suited for Start-ups, Propriety business etc.

We Assist our Global Clientele with their Business Companies in the Following Areas :

  • Incorporation of a Company as per The Companies Act, 2013
  • Corporate Restructuring of Indian Companies
  • Consultancy Services and Legal Opinions on Various Legal Provisions
  • Approval for related Party Transaction u/s Sec 297
  • Winding up of Indian Company
  • Verification of Company Information in Winding Up Cases
  • Filing of Petition and Applications
  • Certification as a Practising Company Secretary
  • Representation and Liaison with Office of Various Authorities
  • eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Development And Filing
  • Formation of Limited Liability Partnership firms – Introduced recently in India.

LLPs are famous for professional firms and new organizations, providing perpetual existence, flexibility and legal identity. We undertake services for structuring and incorporation of LLP, drafting of LLP Agreement, regular compliances under LLP Act, 2008.

Client Testimonials 1

After working on a project with Mr. Rahul I have an impression that he is a competent consultant in due diligence for IP position of potential partners & competitors. His research for my project proved helpful for me in go/no go decision for the partnership. I wish great laurals for him in his career.

– Farooq Mustafa Chaudhry, Senior Project Manager (Biotech) at Macter International Ltd

Prity Khastgir is very dedicated, trustworthy, and great at writing patent descriptions. Prity’s patent writing style is clear and concise.

-David Michaels, eBusiness entrepreneur and Brand Consultant

Rahul is a very diligent and hard working professional who is adept at utilizing his communication skills and domain knowledge in excelling in his field. During my association with him I found him to be extremely self-motivated and very thorough in his work. One of his admirable qualities is that he is very good in researching any subject matter assigned to him and delivering informative and thought-provoking presentations. He actively took part in group discussions related to patent law and gave very persuasive arguments. I wish him all the best for the future.

– SUMIT ARORA, Deputy Manager – Intellectual Property Rights LG Soft India