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Is Freedom to Operate Search Important for my product?

Is Freedom to Operate Search Important for my product?

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Many a times a question arises in the mind of the company while launching a new product and /or a process in the market how can I obviate the possibility of infringing someone’s patent?

The Answer is Simple: By evaluating your Freedom to Operate.

Now comes the question what is Freedom to Operate search?

When we talk about Intellectual Property (IP)Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is an assessment of whether you infringe the patented technology (Intellectual property) of another inventor and/or company.

Why Freedom to Operate search is important for technology companies?

From a patent viewpoint Freedom to Operate (FTO) means that you have ascertained after performing a jurisdiction specific patent search that your process and/or product does not infringe the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of others. However, it should be noted down “freedom to operate” can never be determined with absolute certainty as some patent applications might  not be published and available in the patent databases.

Our patent attorneys at Tech Corp Legal LLP  practice in numerous fields, including client counseling, patent prosecution in India and patent licensing. Tech Corp Legal LLP intellectual property lawyers specialize in developing company’s patent portfolio, conduct patent searches according to client’s requirement and more than happy to assist in ascertaining Freedom-to-Operate for your technology

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