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NASA trains astronauts to land on asteroid

Technology helps make crosswalks safer, fairer

State, tech companies build alliances to combat sex trafficking

DTS and Lenovo Bring High-Definition Audio Experience to Smart TVs

UK pushing ahead with ‘Snoopers’ Charter’

California federal court transfers trade secret dispute involving high-tech gloves to New York

Lillian’s Law proposals show if you fight you can make a difference, says family

Kuwait- ‘Smart patrols’ deployed to trap reckless motorists;postID=8941344061737359939

United States: Courts Open Door To Computer-Assisted Document Review

Security at Co-ops Goes High Tech

Boot up: Google on news, Torvalds on Github, Amnesty hacked, installing CS6 and more

UK Law Firm Cartwright King Recruits Two Teenagers

Firm’s creative tie-up promises bright Future

Government to launch RTI call centre soon

Iris Accelerates Electronic Discovery Review with Equivio Analytics Technology – Leading eDiscovery Provider Uses Equivio Near-duplicates Solution to Reduce Review Costs    

Implant Sciences Ships Additional Quantum Sniffers to China for Bomb Squad Use

Law Prof Volokh Argues Google Has a Free Speech Right to Determine Search Results

Editorial: State’s eavesdropping law under fire  

Technology assists in fighting robberies

Technology Key to WEEE Recast Compliance

ICU Medical, Inc. Plans to "Vigorously Seek to Collect Damages" in wake of Patent Infringement Victory Over RyMed Technologies   

Put Your Photos on a Diet With JPEGmini for Mac!

Funding R&D: High Prices, Overuse A Failed Strategy

Ameranth Signs a New Patent License with Skywire Media Inc. for its Patented 21st Century Communications™ Web/Wireless Synchronization Inventions

Patentability of plants: Rubicon Patent Blog Read more at Rubicon Personal IP :

Over 1 lakh requests pending with patent offices:

For cases filed before enactment of the America Invents Act, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has clarified that unrelated defendants may be joined together in a single patent case only if claims are based on the same product or process.

At some stage IP owners in Germany are going to have to take the Pirate Party seriously

Understand the difference between heirloom, hybrid plants

Samsung is destroying evidence in patent trials, Apple claims

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